CSU SLiCE Adaptive Swim Program

Nov. 8, 2015
drowning.is.preventable at macksmission.org

Keywords: (SLiCE Adaptive Swim), (Mackenzie’s Mission), (Colorado State University)
Mackenzie’s Mission Joins with SLiCE Adaptive Swim for Guest Presentation

* SLiCE Adaptive Swim through Colorado State University is hosting Mackenzie’s Mission to speak at their weekly swim sessions.
* The presentation will cover a variety of topics, including the story behind Mackenzie’s Mission and how the organization focuses on preventing drowning injuries.
* The event aims to educate SLiCE volunteers on the varying components of the special needs community.

FORT COLLINS – The SLiCE Adaptive Swim program through Colorado State University is teaming up with Mackenzie’s Mission to promote water safety in the special needs community.

February 25th and 28th, 2016 Mackenzie’s Mission will join SLiCE Adaptive Swim as a guest speaker in order to educate volunteers with the program. The 45 minute presentation will cover a variety of topics relevant to water safety and to the special needs community, such as the story behind Mackenzie’s Mission, the organization’s focus on drowning prevention and proper life jacket education targeted at the special needs community.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to explore and assist with the adaptive swim program. We’re looking forward to participating in this community outreach and extending our education programs through partnership with programs like SLiCE.”

SLiCE Adapative Swim, formerly Special Needs Swim, fosters meaningful relationships between participants of every age and volunteers in their weekly hour-long swim sessions. Through exercise they encourage friendship and camaraderie and seek to improve body coordination and skills in their special needs participants.

The presentation on Feb. 25th will meet at Edora Pool and Ice Center at 5:30 PM, and the presentation on Feb. 28th will meet at 3:30 PM. The presentation addresses the volunteers of SLiCE Adaptive Swim prior to meeting with their participants for their session. Prior to every swim session volunteers meet independently of SLiCE participants for education, team building, and community partner presentations. During this time, Mackenzie�s Mission will be providing the informative education session. After the session, volunteers will join their participants for an hour of swimming activities. Mackenzie’s Mission will be participating in the swimming activities and be available during this time for questions and life jacket support.

Mackenzie’s Mission is named after Mackenzie Roecker, daughter of founder Trista Roecker. Following a drowning incident that left Mackenzie disabled, Trista became an advocate for water safety and drowning prevention education. “By partnering with SLiCE Adaptive Swim, Mackenzie’s Mission can educate volunteers on the importance of water safety for all individuals and stress life jacket use, especially for members of the special needs community.”

SLiCE is Colorado State University’s highest source of volunteer opportunities and the Adaptive Swim Program is just one of many programs they offer.

For more information, contact Trista Roecker at drowning.is.preventable at macksmission.org.

Mackenzie’s Mission is a local 501(c)3 based in Larimer County, CO that aims to prevent childhood drowning through education and awareness. For more information about Mackenzie’s Mission, please go to macksmission.org or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at /macksmission.


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