2016 Newsletter

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Mackenzie’s Mission institutes loaner life jacket program in Larimer County

May 2016 brought the beginning of our loaner life jacket program.  Safe Kids Larimer County donated 70 life jackets of varying sizes to the program.    Without this donation our program could not have been initiated this year.  THANK YOU SAFE KIDS!


The first location to receive loaner jackets was Harmony Village Mobile Home Park.  The community manager, Laura Bennett, expressed an interest in the jackets early in 2016.  Harmony Village does not provide a life guard for its community pool, therefore, Ms. Bennett was contacted and agreed to be our initial loaner jacket location.

In July, Little Big’s Convenience store on the southwest end of Horsetooth Reservoir added a few loaner jackets to their inventory for use with their rental paddle boards.

Individuals at both locations communicate the program to have had a successful summer.  Ms. Bennett of Harmony Village stated that “the usage of those life jackets was HUGE!  The residents were very pleased to have the use of them and thoroughly enjoyed having them this summer.  We thank you very much.”

Education Program

This year Mackenzie’s Mission provided water safety and life jacket education to Bauder Elementary School fourth graders, multi-district wide third graders at the Children’s Water Festival, Splash Pool Services staff members, and the staff and volunteers of Colorado State University’s SLiCE Adaptive Swim program.

The elementary school students learned Reach, Throw, Don’t Go techniques as well as the proper fit and importance of wearing a life jacket.

The water safety relay is always a favorite with the children at the Water Festival.

For this relay, each student properly dons a life vest, rushes to the next station where an item, either a reach or a throw, is selected.  The item is then used to “rescue” the volunteer from the pool and returns to the next person in line.

Mackenzie’s Pub Putt-Putt

Our annual fund-raising event was a success again this year.  The event consists of teams of four playing 9 holes of miniature golf throughout various locations in Old Town Fort Collins.  But this isn’t just regular putt-putt golf, there are added challenges such as putting blindfolded or golf balls covered in Velcro.  Each green has its own special challenge.

This year’s event was brought to you by Tony’s Bar, Blind Pig, Tap and Handle, Mobb Mountain Distilling, and the Downtown Development Association.

Next year’s event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday 27 August 2017.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers!

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Dolphin Level:  Horizon Mechanical Solutions and Titan Strength and Sports Conditioning

Seal Level:  Splash Swim School and Pool Services, Inspiring Talkers, and Wells & Abrames Family Dentistry

Participating Locations:  Blind Pig, Tap and Handle, Mobb Mountain Distillers, Tony’s Rooftop Bar, Old Town Development Association, and Fort Collins Parks & Recreation.

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