Annual Newsletter

20170517 02The Children’s Water Festival was a success again this year.  We are always honored to attend and share our Reach, DSC00023Throw, Don’t Go educational session with local third grade students.  It is always fun to watch the children perform the water safety relay.

We want to send a special thank you to the 4th grade teachers of Bauder Elementary for DSC00008once again inviting us into their classrooms to educate their children on water safety and life jackets.



20170507_084902This year we participated in the Colorado Marathon.  By hosting a refreshment station our organization earned a considerable donation from the marathon foundation.  We were fortunate to find 12 or 13 willing volunteers to help us hand out energy snacks and drinks.  It was a fun time.  Thank you to all the volunteers!


Thank you Splash Pool Services for inviting Mackenzie to your annual preseason staff meeting.  We feel it is important for lifeguards to understand the full depth of their responsibilities and sharing Mackenzie’s story  and Mackenzie’s life following her drowning can help to do just that!

We also want congratulate our partners at Splash Pool Services for opening their first Splash Swim School location in Fort Collins!

The 3rd annual Mackenzie’s Pub Putt Putt and Costume Contest

20170819_202619Even though we were short on volunteers (the volunteers from previous years wanted to participate this year), the event was a huge success.

We had a record number of teams register and play this year and every one wore costumes!20170827 13

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the greens were homemade this year, thank you to The Olde Feedstore in LaPorte, CO for donating pallets and handmade pouches to catch the golf balls.

20170827 10     20170827 31

Not only did Three Blind Mice plus one win the costume contest, but the top score winner was on their team.  Congratulations gals!  The lowest score winner went to a member of the team Mario’s Fireballs.


Special thanks to our repeat host locations:  Mobb Mountain Distillers, Tap and Handle, and Tony’s Rooftop Bar.  Thank you to the locations that joined us this year:  Scrumpy’s Cider Bar and Prost Brewing.  We hope to work with all of you next year!

And of course, a huge thank you to all the volunteers that gave up their Sunday to man, or woman, a green location.  Your work is greatly appreciated!


Mackenzie’s Pub Putt Putt 2018 to be held on Sunday 26 August!

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